Don't Call Us, We'll Call You!

Why no office phone number?

It is a conscious choice for us to not have a call answering number. So there is no phone number that you can call for an enquiry. At first, all our information and support is via email, social media, chat, our manuals and our forum. You may be wondering why, but we would therefore like to explain our choice.

Sharp and specific answer

Email has proven to be a much more efficient and suitable medium for providing general information and support. It ensures that we can answer your question with the best answer, given by the right person. Because based on your question, we can properly assess the most suitable person to fit in your needs.

Priority means first-things-first

Thanks to our email answering and support, it is possible to give better priority to the questions that need it. After all, a question about adjusting your administrative data is less urgent than a question about a database that is in acute trouble. Another big advantage of our email as chat is that we can also send you guidelines and manuals immediately, which explain in detail how you can solve your problem.

Are we unable to resolve it via email?

We understand that there are exceptions. Sometimes situations can arise where telephone contact is simply more pleasant. While we always try to resolve it by email first, we keep this realization in mind. If we really cannot find a solution or if we estimate that emailing does not provide the right solution quickly enough, we may decide to call you.